We are re-opening our restaurant on the 27th May 2021 and are happy to serve you our culinary cuisine again.

We are looking forward to having you as our esteem guests,

The Brecht Family and Martinshof Team

Staying safely cool...

At Martinshof hotel, air conditioning systems (RLT devices) are used, which are professionally installed and regularly maintained.

These devices brings in fresh air into the room, i.e. outside air which according to researches who specializies in hygiene and environmental medicine, claims that it poses no risk of promoting the spread of corona viruses. On the contrary, these devices will ensure a supply of fresh air and promote better ventilation in a room.

Here's how the 'Air Dilution Effect' system works:

The more fresh air that is being brought in from outside, the better, as it ensures that the air in the rooms are contantly being exchanged, therefore an increase in harmless aerosols in a room.





Welcome to Martinshof

A 3-Star hotel with upscale furnishing in the centre of the historical Bishop and Roman city of Rottenburg.

It is directly in the neighbourhood to the roman town museum, the St Martin's Dom and pedestrian zone. From here, you are minutes away form the Main Train Station, the Dioses Museum and numerous tourist sights in Rottenburgs.

Martinshof is well-known for its personalised services and its special ambience. Run by a distinct familairity, we pride ourselves in caterring to your individual needs and in providing a cosy place away from home.

A warm 'Grüss Gott' from Hotel-Restaurant Martinshof in Rottenburg am Neckar!